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Sri Lanka is an island nation which loves its food. From the wide range of staples to the spicy curries to the sweets to street food, Sri Lankan cuisine is full of flavour and variety. With so many dishes to choose from, it is no wonder that there are so many fans of Sri Lankan food the world over.

At the heart and soul of Sri Lankan cuisine is a range of spices. The intricacies of these spices and their use will be daunting at first, but the expert chefs at our hotel will guide you along in the process.

History of Sri Lankan cuisine will be given, including the influences that Sri Lanka’s cuisine has had from foreign cuisines. The chefs will introduce you to Sri Lankan staples such as string hoppers, hoppers, roti, and pittu, and what accompaniments go best with each of them. You will be taught how to identify spices, and how to spice up dishes before firing up the stove.

Learn to roll rotis, mix your own sambol (relish), and spice your own curry just the way you like it. At the end of the cooking experience, everyone will sit down together and have an authentic feast, because the Sri Lankan food experience is better when it is shared.

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